Coins by P2PCOIN


“P2PCOIN is intended to meet the needs of consumers who want to receive tangible services”

This is a project developed by the company P2PCOIN SL. which consists of opening a Franchise of physical Exchange Houses to exchange tokens and cryptocurrencies throughout the world. In these branches you will have the possibility to transform your cryptocurrencies and tokens into local physical currencies that you can use wherever you go. It is an amazing and ambitious idea that seems to be materializing more and more. Imagine being able to exchange your digital assets for cash or transform your cash for (P2P).

P2PCOIN is the utility token of the franchise.

P2PCOIN EXCHANGE a place for digital assets that operate in just minutes, an impressive idea that seems to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market.

P2PCOIN SL. is the company that is responsible for the purchase and sale of the digital asset known as P2PCOIN (P2P). This asset aims to be the simplest solution to use, totally universal in all your operations. The P2PCOIN Exchange House offers buyers a lot of benefits with its P2P token. We are currently working on this incredible project that gives the opportunity to exchange your P2P for cash through exchange houses that will be located all over the world.


How does the Project work?

The P2PCOIN business plan proposes that if you are a holder of P2PCOIN Tokens you can go to any of these exchange houses and transform your digital assets into cash from the town where you are (dollars, euros, pounds, yen, pesos, etc.) and vice versa. This project offers a more profitable use of the P2P asset. The franchise of exchange houses that P2PCOIN SL plans to form. promises to be the new way to manage your money through investment in the crypto space.

At this moment, the project is in legal proceedings and very soon you will be able to access this innovative way of transforming your cryptocurrencies into real money. The process promises to be quick, simple and fair.

What benefits do P2PCOIN Exchange Houses offer?

P2PCOIN does not lose its value in the market. The company P2PCOIN SL. allocates part of its funds to buy back these digital assets, generating demand and an increase in market value.

The future of P2PCOIN

P2PCOIN aims to facilitate access to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to a sector of the population that is currently unaware of these advances.

To achieve this goal, the company offers the public the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies in exchange for cash, both at its physical branch and through of its online platform, allowing users to choose how to carry out their cryptocurrency transactions. The exchange house supports a great variety of the main cryptocurrencies on the market.

Added to the above is the possibility of making transactions from the phone through the APP, designed to receive, store, convert, spend and transfer both fiat and crypto money, with the security offered by blockchain technology. The network also has its own P2PCOIN (P2P) cryptocurrency backed with fiat money, with evidence of reserves by external audit.

To complement its services, the company has among its plans to create a Franchise that uses a blockchain network of agents and associates, with physical presence around the world, which will make it possible to send remittances on a large scale, thus helping unbanked people to enjoy the advantages of the blockchain.

Our vision is to establish a physical presence throughout the world through a network of agents and associates to make blockchain technology a real alternative for the world’s unbanked population in the remittance sector.


For P2PCOIN this strategy is the best way to reduce the barriers that hinder the adoption of new technologies by a large number unbanked public, accustomed to the use of cash. This is a sector of the third world population that still uses cash as their main payment method, because they do not have access to bank accounts or other financial services.

It is added that services related to blockchain technology are difficult to use for this audience, so it is important to combine services financials available with the power of distributed ledger technology, in a combination that is easy to use and understand for the general public. Consequently, P2PCOIN considers that exchange houses should be established in the physical world in order to serve this sector, in order to educate them, resolve their doubts and provide higher levels of trust.

P2PCOIN consultants can help clients with transaction-related problems or answer any questions, for better practical use.

They can also discuss related technologies and policies, as well as the future of Blockchain-based finance.

The business plan that P2PCOIN SL is developing. For its P2P TOKEN, it seeks to promote its innovative market system throughout the world. You will be able to access the P2P currency price with respect to the currency of your country and acquire it in cash at the different exchange houses that the company will open in your country. Investing your money in digital assets or exchanging your P2P for cash will be very easy with these exchange houses. A real and long-term project. Help us make it happen.